Persuasive pitch books can be the key to promoting your fund’s investment story, style, and pedigree. With all due respect to Hall of Fame pitcher Satchel Paige, potential investors often see hundreds of pitch books, many with investment processes just a bit outside.       

Be Comprehensive

A comprehensive pitch should define the principals of the firm, the minimum investment, historical returns, redemption process, service providers, and disclosures.

Be Direct

Can you tell a compelling investment story with approximately 20 slides in 20 minutes? Short is often best. 10 slide might even be better.

The Executive Summary

The executive summary is the one page you want your potential investors to see. A typical summary page may highlight your unique selling proposition, specific investment expertise, and market focus.

Why You?

Yes, you follow a disciplined investment strategy. You have risk screens. Maybe a funnel that shows how you winnow the weak from the strong securities. But why invest today, not Tuesday? Show how your strategy fits in today’s environment, draw parallels with the past, and create a true sense of urgency for the now.

Describe Your Management Team

The breadth and depth of your organization matters, too, as does your team’s education, affiliations, and accreditations. Whether on staff on contract, your investment team, operating officers, sales staff, marketing members, and customer service representatives, should be highlighted to potential investors.

Service Providers

The company you keep is a critical factor in providing an extra layer of legitimacy for your investment efforts. Key service providers to list include your accounting, administrative, legal, and prime broker providers.

Design Matters

Make it look great! Minimize or do away with bullet points, use call out quotes, and hero images that convey emotion and relate to your story.

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