EBooks are critical to your marketing strategy. They can educate leads; can show you know your business; have longer life spans than blogs; can be shorter and more focused than print books; and can generate leads.

1. EBooks Can Help Educate Your Leads

Are you looking to educate investors about the potential benefits of market neutral investing, or the historical trends in commodity trading, or the benefits of planning for retirement? Are you trying to position your company as expert, filled with knowledge and experience that sets you apart and above the competition?

2. EBooks Can Show You Know Your Stuff

The more quality information you provide your readers, the better the education they’ll receive from your post. Prospects will associate you with providing great information -and possessing a breadth of knowledge. The goal is to get them to do business with you and an eBook gets you on the way there.

3.  EBooks Have a Longer Life Span Than Blogs

Blog posts have short life spans. No matter how much work you put into that post, it’s going to eventually get bumped into your archives. When bumped, it can be invisible. On the other hand, you (and your prospects) can print a PDF, and save it in their paper files, or on their computer.

4. EBooks Are More Focused Than Print Books

How long should your business eBook be? Well, not a standard book length of 300 to 500 pages. Many eBooks are 12 pages long; some total 80 pages, but that’s uncommon. The sweet spot for eBook length is generally 16-24 pages…including pictures, charts, graphs, tables, and other design elements.

5. EBooks Get Your Prospects to Take Action

What do you want your eBook to accomplish? For most, it’s lead generation.

“Thoughtful, permanent content is still worth something. It’s still true that some people (and some people is what you seek, not all people) will be moved to connect or change or take action because you took the time to write an eBook.” Seth Godin

Is an eBook a real book? Yes, with the benefit that you don’t have to find a publishing house to print and distribute an eBook, or need to “ink” a deal with Kindle. All you need is a computer and the ability to punch up a PDF to your website, or wait, we at InCapital can do it for you.

When the Cracker Jack brand of popcorn was introduced in the 1890s, Americans often said “crackerjack” the way we may say excellent or awesome now.

So make your eBook excellent; prospects will read what you have to say; and you’ll have a prospective client.