Keywords can be a specific word or phrase, and should be the topic of your website content. As an investment manager, consider creating content around a relevant topic that will help you rank high and will be what searchers are looking for.

The Key to Keywords

Keywords help visitors and potential investors understand the purpose of your page. When you’re searching for information on the web, you probably type in a word or phrase as a way to solve your problem. Your prospects do the same; you want them to find you.

Keywords also help search engines understand what your page is about. When a search engine crawls your site pages to index them, it will key in on the keywords on the page to determine the page’s purpose.

There are two different types of keywords: long tail and short tail.

Short-Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords are short words or phrases that, while they may apply to the investment management industry or private equity field, they might also apply to every company in the industry. These keywords are hard to rank for, and visitors from these keywords are less likely to become prospects.

Long-Tail Keywords

Start by targeting long-tail keywords; they are easier to rank for, and they also bring in the most relevant and qualified traffic. Long tail keywords are more likely to get traffic, and visitors from these words are more likely to become clients.

You may also want to include variations of your key terms in your body copy. Search engines pull from the body copy of web pages to best suit a searcher’s query, so it’s likely that you will appear on page results for a variety of search terms beside the one you are targeting.

Here are examples:

Short-Tail Keywords       Long-Tail Keywords

Hedge Fund……………………Market Neutral Hedge Fund
Marketing……………………….Inbound Marketing Lead Generation
Real Estate……………………..Non Performing Distressed Real Estate Notes
Private Equity…………………Private Equity Single Family Home Investing
Commodity Trading……….Fund of Funds Commodity Trading  Advisor

Keywords Help Solve Prospect Problems

What common questions do your leads ask? If you are hedge fund manager, is it about your risk management strategy or your investment process? If you specialize in private equity, do your prospects ask about your exit strategy? Once you identify what these questions are, create a list of keywords that match the ways these questions can be asked.

Keyword Placement

So where do you put your keywords on your site? Some of the best places to place your keywords include:

*  Page Title (Title Tag)

*  URL

*  Header Tags

*  Image Alt Tags

*  Text that is bolded or underlined

Are ready to learn more about how keywords need to part of your website marketing strategy?