In addition to continued disruption of the investment management industry, what trends can investment managers and advisors expect in 2015 for the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) industry?

Ernst & Young’s (EY) fourth annual global ETF survey posits four points, illustrated in the infographic below.

1. The U.S. remains the dominant player in ETF management and distribution, with nearly $1.905 billion in ETF assets managed.

2. Watch out for robo-advisors: expect more human-engineered investment firms with a variety of algorithms dedicated to making automated investment allocations.

3. New product development and sales is likely to be concentrated in smart beta funds and in currency hedge funds.

4. Investor interest in ETFs will continue to be strong, particularly in the international sector.

Are you a Registered Investment  Advisor who allocates ETF dollars to client portfolios – or are looking to establish your own ETF. You may need a fact sheet, too: