So you don’t have a video presence on your site yet? Consider these seven reasons why the visuals of video may add va-voom to your site:

1. Videos Show Your Story

“Who are you? Why did you become an investment manager? What makes your investment process and risk management process different and/or better than your competitiors? 

These are the basic questions that your video shows, not tells,” said Dean Thompson, President and Founder of Beehive Communications, a video production company in New York City, New York. Stories influence decision makers. Your story is your company’s best asset. Make it yours, visually,” Dean said.

2. We Love Video

Pew Research Center data shows that 78% of adults watched or downloaded online video in 2014. The use of video content specifically for business to business marketing increased by 8% to 58%, according to DemandGen Report.

3. Videos Can Help Solve Your Client’s Problems

“What we have here is…failure to communicate.” said the chain gang captain to Luke, starring Paul Newman in the 1962 classic Cool Hand Luke. (The line was written by Frank Pierson.) Many of your prospective investors communicate best, and learn better, through visuals rather than words. So show, not tell.

4. Videos Grab Attention

Attention spans aren’t long these days. We have about eight seconds to grab attention, according to Statistic Brain. (That’s down from 12 seconds in 2010.)

According to Rand Fishkin, “We really do need to communicate quickly, because web users have become more and more impatient. They’re not going to read through paragraph and paragraph and paragraph of text. Therefore, many websites have found it valuable to use visual-centric homepages to help communicate and to quickly convey the primary value proposition to those visitors.”

5. Videos Work Best With Your Client’s Short Attention Spans

The most viewed business videos are about one minute in length. This generally translates into a written script of around 200 words or less.

“It’s more impactful to make ten one-minute videos than one 10-minute video,” said Mr. Thompson of Beehive Communications. “Your eleventh video, if you are doing a series on, say, your firm’s multiple investment styles, can then be a 10-minute combination of the one-minute shows,” Dean said.

6. Videos Travel

You can take your video to YouTube by creating your own channel. And you can loop your videos at conferences and meetings.

7. Videos Are Easy

Shooting and editing a video is easier than ever. Well, for professionals it’s somewhat easy. Or at least second nature. For some, it’s like putting together a PowerPoint presentation. For the rest of us, contracting with a professional video production firm may make sense.

Some Video Content Ideas

What’s in your website videos? A few ideas:

A. Show your team. Author bios are great and are needed, but having a video can show off your firm’s personality, and what makes you tick. 

B. Show your investment style. A one-on-one interview is often best. 

C. Show your office. More than a few investors may want to see your office before they send cash.

Take a look at these videos, courtesy of InCapital Marketing’s strategic partner, Beehive Communications (

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