Where are you in the online funnel?

As a Registered Investment Advisor (or asset manager), you should be familiar with the funnel that helps you filter out the broad universe of stocks to the select group of securities (or real estate) that you decide to buy.

The sales process doesn’t stop when a prospect fills out your online form on you call to action. Rather, you are just starting the lead-nurturing conversation.

Graphic courtesy of HubSpot

Step 1: Attract

Many inbound marketers describe this first phase as the “Top of the Funnel.”

To best understand your company’s sales cycle, you need to know how your lead thinks, so you’re offering the right content at the right time in the buying process. The key tools to attracting prospective clients online at this phase are blog posts, the right keywords, and the appropriate LinkedIn, Twitter, and or Facebook business accounts, posts, and prospect interaction.

Step 2: Convert

The way you convert strangers into visitors is by creating a series of landing pages on your website, blog posts, and social media posts that allow prospects to get informative eBooks, white papers, or demos. If you provide the right information at the right time with the right call to action, your prospects may gladly give you their email address, name, and other contact information. You’ve got a lead! (How qualified they are is for later.)

Step 3: Close

What are your lead generation goals? Most investment managers say, well, I want more leads. The primary tools to help you close leads – to take them from leads to customers – are long-term email marketing campaigns. Whether daily, weekly, or bi-weekly depends on your what your prospects tell you. In inbound marketing parlance, this stage is the “Bottom of the Funnel.”

Step 4: Delight

We all want the Chicken Delight stage. That’s where your clients refer you to their friends and colleagues. The primary avenues for delighting clients, other than helping them achieve the goals you both set out to achieve, may include special events and custom content.

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