What do you do when you see a stock image like this on a website? (This woman is everywhere.) Do you cringe when you see the photo? Or click away immediately? Or turn your computer off?

The quickest way to lose prospects is turn them off with stale, staged, unrealistic, hammy, cheesy, out-of-touch stock photography. They make you look untrustworthy, which is probably not your objective.

On the other hand, high quality imagery can be had for free on Google images (with appropriate usage rights) and on Wiki commons; and for a fee, usually about $20 to $50 per image per year, from million-image sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock.

So where can you find free photos fast? Take a look at the ten resources listed below; each site provides truckloads of free images, can be used without copyright attribution, and each is free (did I mention that?)

1. Free Images

FreeImages offers 300,000+ images, all categorized, tagged, key-worded and searchable.

2. Getrefe

At Getrefe you can get thousands of royalty-free, high-quality, natural looking photos, many in the technology, landscape, and abstract realms. Or, the images from this Lithuania-based site can inspire you, even if you don’t need an shot straight away

3. Gratisography

If you need quirky, campy, and fun, take a peak at Gratisography’s photos. All images are from artist Ryan McGuire. And the price: gratis.

4. New Old Stock

Vibrant vintage photos from the old school; it that’s want you want, try New Old Stock. The site, while not as voluminous as other s mentioned here, has crackling black and white retro imagery, and plenty of tinted and fades images, too.

5. Picjumbo

Picjumbo has plenty of content; while not artfully displayed, it is easy relatively easy to browse.

6. Pixabay

Lots of images, an easy-to-use search feature, plus many stunning images.

7. Public Domain Archive

The Public Doman Archive is a one-man designer-curated site of cool picture he’s found on the web. Not as extensive as others, but a fine tool for finding free imagas.

8. Startupstockphotos

Startupstockphotos is the place for tech and other creative startups. Images are casual, candid, and realistic.

9. Stocksnap

StockSnap compiles and curates stock images from other sites and select photographers. All photos uploaded to the site are released under Creative Commons – CC0 and do not require attribution.

10. Unsplash

Unsplash, from Montreal, has among the highest quality resolution imagery available for download. What they lack in quantity is made for in in quality.

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