Inbound marketing may help create lots of leads for asset managers and asset gatherers.

Do you practice inbound marketing? Meaning: informative online (and offline) content via blogs, eBooks, email marketing, videos, pitch books, and more, targeted specifically for your best potential clients. If you are not practicing, try these numbers on for size, courtesy of HubSpot and Salesforce:

  • 66% of businesses who blogged at least once weekly got a client from their blog.

  • 51% of business to business marketers said that LinkedIn was an effective marketing tool.

  • Organic leads – those who find you by doing a web search – closed 8 times as many leads as than leads by traditional “outbound” sources. Outbound leads are those you get from paid advertising such as pay per click ads, public relations, print and TV ads, events and seminars, and so on.

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