An eBook, or rather a series of eBooks, just might be one of the best content tools an RIA or fund marketer can use to wrangle potential investors into satisfied cleint. Think of an Ebook as a delivery system for informative content that helps solve one or more of your prospects’ problems. Physically, think of an eBook as an old-fahsioned brochure or flyer; ofen produced on a PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator platform, and then PDF’d for your prospect’s viewing pleasure.

If you want to deliver a spot-on eBook, make sure you have an appealing cover image, a terrific title, a value proposition that speaks directly to your target audience, well-written words, and visuals that are congruent with your message. Oh, and if you expect to generate leads and prospects, end with a compelling an artful call to action

So why even write an eBook? Well, search engines love them. The more searchable content you have, the greater the likelihood of being found by the kind of prospects that you want to have find you.

But wait, there’s more! An above average and well-constructed eBook may take between five to fifteen minutes to read and digest; it’s convenient becuse you can email it to people (or print it out and hand it to your prospects as a leave-behind); and if done right, you can pack a campful of useful information in the book.

Infographic material from Placester.