Do you use SlideShare, now part of LinkedIn, for your fund marketing? Might want to try it – doesn’t cost anything to upload content to SlideShare’s up to 60 million unique visitors per month. Here are three quick tips on why SlideShare may help convert an audience into leads:

1. Free Ranking. If you have content on SlideShare, your SlideShare content will be ranked high, likely on the first page, of your prospect’s Google search.

2. Design Inspiring. SlideShare’s thousands of smartly designed presentations may inspire your own graphic design. RIAs may even find divine inspiration in some of the content, too, downloaded by industry leaders and luminaries.

3. LinkedIn Sharing. Firms can easily share SlideShare content on your Twitter page and LinkedIn business profile’s Summary page.

The infographic below, created by Column Five, profiles this perhaps not-so-sleeping giant of content marketing: