When it comes to lead generation, mistakes may be bloody. Here are five that wealth managers, RIAs and investment managers may want to avoid:

1. A Bridge Too Far

One mistake many investment pros make is thinking that if a prospect clicked on your landing page form, and maybe even downloaded your free eBook offer, or requested a phone consultation, he’s a solid client. But not all clicks are created equal, and not all leads have your time frame, or the same time frame to talk and/or meet, let alone to invest. The bridge from first click to client may take a few weeks, or more than a year. It all depends on where your prospects are in the sales funnel – whether they are simply gathering information or ready to make a purchase.

(What’s a landing page form? It’s the page where your prospective new clients “land” when they respond to your free eBook, white paper, demo, or request for phone consultation on your website or blog. Each offer should have its own landing page. If you are looking to generate new leads, landing pages are the place to make that happen.)

2. A Form Too Long

Are your landing page forms are too long? Do you ask too many questions? The length of the form should only be as long as the perceived value of your offer. Forms with up to seven fields (questions) have historically shown to be the sweet spot for maximizing clicks. The forms in question: name, business phone, business email, business name,

3. A Message Without A Target

Who’s your persona – the hypothetically perfect prospect? Targeted messages that speak directly to specific personas and their pain points will have more of an impact than messages that focus solely on you, how you manage money. Write only to your specific target. Everything else is just Hormel.

4. A Plug Too Quick

If you’ve ever written a business blog, done some occasionally email outreach to prospects, and rarely tested for results – and given up after just a month or two, perhaps you have not really tried long enough. Good stuff rarely comes on the quick. Rome took more than a day to build. An impactful inbound marketing campaign that creates and nurtures leads takes patience, and persistence.

5. A Landing Page Without A Call to Action

A landing page without a call to action is like bread without butter, peanut butter without jelly, macaroni without cheese. It’s like food without…more food. Without a call-to-action, prospects won’t do anything you want them to do, like fill out your fine form for your excellent eBook…and provide you with their name, email, phone, and other excellent contact information.

Here’s a “bonus” mistake to avoid: lack of testing. You may think that the bright blue button on your landing page form is the bomb; but if you do an A/B test, you might find that an orange button gets more clicks. So always test your landing page headlines, text, forms, colors, and images to see where you land best.