Starting up a new alternative investment or private equity fund?

Beyond the pitch book, beyond the private placement memorandum, beyond the FAQ, what sales and marketing content do you need to prioritize, and where do you start?

Many start-ups may have a spreadsheet full of hard-earned prospects. If you are looking to talk to potential investors beyond friends and family, try these marketing matters on for size:

1.Start Emailing

Your first action might be to begin a thoughtful, educational, weekly or bi-weekly email campaign. Email is a key way to teach and cultivate your leads, and to make sure they think of you first when they are ready to engage, wherever they may be in the sales process.

2. Start Blogging

If you don’t have a blog, better start. Every blog post is considered by Google a new page on your website. The more relevant pages you have, the more likely you are to get noticed and read by your target investors. Blogs build organic traffic to your website; and organic means free.

How long should your posts be? Depends on what you want to accomplish. Short posts, of about 250 to 500 words, work best as prompts for webinars or podcasts. Posts of 500 to 1,000 words tend to be the norm. 

Longer posts of 1,000 words or more, with charts, graphs, and other proof points, may position you as a leader of thought, and have shown to be more “evergreen” than shorter posts. (Evergreen posts may continue to bring traffic up to two years from their original posting date.)

3. Start Your Website

Many start-up funds want to wait for their first sale before they create their website. Big fail! Many business owners don’t have a website, so the inaction is not just in the alternative investment management industry.

But if you are sold on having a blog, the place to host your blog is your fund website.

4. Start eBooking

You should also consider the production and distribution of an eBook as part of your marketing strategy. (An eBook is younger cousin of the brochure, flyer, or white paper.)

A thoughtful, well-designed, carefully focused 8-32 page eBook may educate and generate leads, can show you know your investment strategy; and can help put your name in front of people you want to be in front of.

Prospects will associate you with providing great information and possessing a breadth of knowledge. The goal is to get them to do business with you; an eBook, or series of books, is part of that process.

5. Start Acting

Calls to Action (CTAs) are the landing pages on your website, blogs, emails, and eBooks, where you ask leads to fill out your snazzy short form. It’s great to have a blog, but what do you want your reader to do next? You want them to fill out your form, with their name, phone, email, and other pertinent information; they get your free offer; you get their contact information.

If you are looking more leads, grab this free eBook: