According to LinkedIn, “A big shift is underway when it comes to wealth management – it’s not just the mass affluent who are turning to social media channels to discover information and make investment decisions. High Net Worth Individuals (HNW) are increasingly tapping into these resources for guidance.”

If you are an alternative investment manager, Registered Investment Advisor, private equity manager, or some combination of the above, note now that HNW folks find LinkedIn (particularly), Facebook (somewhat), Google+ (yes) and Twitter (yes, too) valuable sources for making financial decisions.

“The population of U.S. HNWs grew 17% to 4 million, said LinkedIn, “And their wealth grew 18% to a record of US $13.9 trillion in 2014 – outpacing the growth rates of global HNWs.”

 “The 70% of HNWs who turn to social networks for financial purposes are focused on the following:

• Keeping up-to-date with current financial tends

• Gathering preliminary information about financial products policies or  institutions

• Seeking advice or gathering information to help make a financial decision.”

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