You’ve got 8 seconds. That’s about how long the average American’s attention span is today. So…bye!

If you’re still around, and still want to talk concisely to your friends, family, professional network and potential outside investors about raising capital – for your start up hedge fund, private equity deal, or Registered Investment Advisory business – well, consider these six elements to a compelling pitch:

1. The Hook. Grab your prospect’s attention. What’s compelling, distinct, and/or new about your story?

2. The Problem. Your prospects have a problem, and you have a solution. It’s your job to show that they have an investment issue. You got a problem with that?

3. The Solution. You’ll need to communicate your special value-add.

4. The Team. Take two seconds (well, maybe five or so) to say why you and your team are particularly well qualified to go to market.

5. The Traction. How big can your investment grow?

6. The Close. More than getting a business card, can you get a meeting?

Fortunepick put together this infographic: