Informative, educational, and thoughtful content can help financial advisors and RIAs rocket ROI. 

And below are the numbers that prove it, from Marketing Sherpa, the Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot, and more, via the Express Writers’ infographic below. 

If you are wondering what marketing material to emphasize in presenting to your potential clients, and why, consider this:

*  95% of businesses prefer short formats (infographics) to long formats (white papers).

*  90% of business to businesses marketers use content marketing.

*  60% of businesses create fresh content each week.

*  41% of B2B firms who do content marketing have seen a positive return on investment for their efforts.

Six success factors for 2015 and beyond:

1. Create Quality. Quality is the number one factor. If your firm creates only a few pieces of content (or “sales material’) – whether it’s just a pitch book, website, and FAQ, or if you create tons of content – multiple facts sheet, case studies, eBooks, email campaigns, and blog posts – quality trumps quantity.

2. Be Useful.  Usefulness can be measured in clear prose, compelling graphics, and typo-free text, but the most important measurement is whether the content solves a client problem.

3. Pay Attention to Headlines.  According to Marketing Sherpa, your headline copy is among the five most critical factors in lead generation.

4. Audit Your Content.  A content audit is a qualitative review of the copy, keywords, page rankings, and potential current relevance, among other factors, of the content on your website.

5. Curate Your Content. Unlike content creation, curation is like finding and sorting the most relevant existing content on the web and putting on your site for your potential prospects.

6. Be Creative. Storytelling engages more than facts and figures.

Do you have the right content targeted to the right investors and in the most compelling format? For more information, download the eBook below.