Effective financial advisor and RIA website homepages have the same basic ingredients – not flour, sugar or salt – but compelling headlines, images, features and benefits, and calls to action.

1. Headline

According to HubSpot, website visitors make up their mind about your site within three seconds. Make your headline pity, clear, concise, and speak directly to your prospective client’s needs.

2. Sub-headline

The sub-headline can also be your tagline. People with prospective money for you will want to now what’s in it for them.

3. Primary Calls to Action

What do you want your site visitors to do next – click on one of the options you’ve offered? Or perhaps download your fine eBook on succession planning, retirement planning, saving for college, the benefits of trusts, and so on? Your primary call to action (CTA) should be “above the fold” the area visitors see on theirs screen before doing any scrolling.

4. Imagery

Just say no to stock photos of obviously posed people – no to the hand-shaker shots, no to the handsome smiling silver-hair photos, and negative to the quirky millennial images. Imagery can make or break your site, so spend some time baking this part of your site right.

5. Benefits

Why should prospective investors want to know more about your firm? Make sure you say so.

6. Social Proof

Why not quote yourself? A spot-on quote about how you work with clients, along with your picture, adds trust, and therefore social proof.

7. Navigation

You’ll want visitors to quickly figure out how they can get to where they want to go. For some sites, a search button is your prospect’s best friend.

8. Content Offer

More than 95% of all visitors are not ready to buy the first time they come to your site, so says KISSmetrics. In order to convert first timers into clients, first make them a free content offer – in the form of a lengthy educational whitepaper, a snack-sized infographic, or an eBook.

9. Secondary Calls to Action

You may want to bake in a second CTA. Similar in content to the primary CTA, just below the fold.

10.  Features

What firm features do you want to feature? Your copy should include your defining characteristics – for example, about your brand, your niche, or your investment style.

11. Resources

Your site should also have a resource center, easily accessible via a tab or scrolled section. This is where you keep your library of complementary eBooks and videos.

12. Success

Trying to make a good first impression? If you or your firm has recently been recognized for superior service, size, or demographic niche, don’t be shy, within regulatory constraints, of saying so. A third party recognition is the 12th ingredient to a tasty website.