Calls to Action (CTAs) are the forms and links on your site, blogs, emails, EBooks, and landing pages where you ask leads to go for more information.

Many financial advisor and Registered Investment Advisor websites do not have a call to action.

But calls to action may lead to leads. 

Think about all the times you’ve signed up for things online. All of these “sign ups” are the result of an effective call-to-action.

Effective CTA design should consider more than just the button itself. It’s also important to consider elements like background color, surrounding images, and text.

For example, Square (see below) showcases simplicity, where hovering “Get Started” CTA awaits your click. The color of the credit card in the image and the color of the CTA button match, which helps the viewer connect the dots of what they’ll get when they click. Also, Uber’s simplicity and imagery can also be make this a potent call to action.

Brevity is key. You may be able to encourage more clicks with clear, direct action words . your CTA should have enough information about the beneifts of your complementary offer. Remove words that don’t contribute to your core message.


The goal of your call-to-action is to attract the attention of website visitors, and one way to convey your offer’s importance is by making sure prospects see your calling card – the button – and know what to do next.