Traditional marketing may have gone the way of the Oldsmobile (a fine car in its day, particularly the first-generation Toronado).

Old-time outbound marketing included – and still includes – such marketer-centric and interruption-based methods as cold-calling, unwanted emails, broker walk-throughs, and print, radio, and television advertising. 

Inbound marketing, by contrast, is permission-based: it seeks to educate and inform your prospective investors and clients when they are ready to hear from you. And how do they find you? From an initial web search via your blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, videos, and other relevant content.

Check out this red vs blue infographic of outbound and inbound techniques:

Don’t know enough yet about how inbound marketing can help Registered Investment Advisors and investment managers raise capital and increase assets under management? Here’s a no-charge primer quiz, takes about 10 minutes: