Is there a science to timing your Twitter tweets and Facebook posts for maximum exposure and impact?

The marketing analytics firm Kissmetrics say it’s so, and have the numbers, provided by Dan Zarrella, to prove it. See infographic below.

Twitter Timing

If you want your target audience to retweet you, the best time to tweet may be on a weekday, later in the afternoon. More people tend to look at their tweeter feed at the traditional quitting time of the day for the office. The highest percentage of retweets – approximately 6% of all daily – happen about 5pm.

If you are looking to maximize your click through rate then about noon is the best time.

The best days to engage on Twitter are generally mid-week, with Wednesday showing high marks. But don’t forget the weekend; traffic slacks off only slightly.

The least effective time to tweet should not be surprising: the early morning hours between 5am and 7am account for approximately 1% of all daily tweet traffic.

The concept is simple, then, tweet when people are more likely to be on the Twitter.

But why is all this clicking a good thing?

According to Kissmetrics co-founder Neil Patel, “When people click a link in a tweet, there tends to be a chain reaction: The more people clicking on your article via Twitter, the more exposure it gets. When more people read your article, more people are likely to share your article. Your social signals will likely rise, which improves your SEO. More activity on your site will also increase user engagement metrics. With all the extra traffic, you’ll also gain more conversions, more sales, and more revenue.”

As for Facebook, most sharing is done around noon and after 7pm on Saturdays.

isn’t magic. There is a science to it.”