Be patient – not all of your prospects are ready to invest with you right now.

According to Marketing Donut, a U.K.-based email marketing consultancy, more than six in ten people who ask for information online about your firm today – via downloading a white paper or subscribing to your blog – are not ready to buy for at least three months. Moreover, 20% may take more than 12 months to buy form you.

Don’t discount these leads. They may like you. Perhaps they are flirting right now, but in a few weeks or months, they may be ready to go on a date, or at least to take your call.

How do you keep in touch with these prospects? You can call them regularly and ask something like “How you doing?” Or: “How can I help you today?” However, what people hear might be more like “Wanna buy a watch?” if they hear anything at all.

Or you can create a disciplined email marketing campaign, with informative, educational content, to nurture potential investors through the prospect pipeline.

To be at the forefront of prospects’ minds when they are ready to act, consider these five must-dos when starting your first email-nurturing program:

1. Be Heady

The subject line of your email is like the headline of your blog or white paper, or the headline of a newspaper or magazine story. Which is to say, your headline is critical. According to Copyblogger, an enterprise content marketing firm, on average, 80% of your email recipients will never make it past the headline. Only 20% will read the rest.

Headlines impact open rates. And open rates are the keys to the email-nurturing kingdom. Mailchimp, an email marketing service company, reported that as of July 5, 2016, the average open rate in their Business and Finance category was 21.18%. By contrast, emails sent by Non-profits had among the highest open rates, at 25.06%; emails sent by companies in the Beauty and Personal Care category were among the worst, at 18.75%. (The open rate is a measure of how many people on an email list open, or view, a particular email campaign.)

2. Be Mobile

Are you optimized for email? As of May 31, 2016, according to Litmus Email Analytics, 54% of all emails worldwide were opened on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. If you are sub-optimized for mobile’s smaller screens, the design elements you worked hard to look fabulous for a laptop or desktop viewing will look garbled, and key elements may have disappeared. (Data was derived from over 1 billion business email opens collected worldwide by Litmus Email Analytics during May 2016.

3. Be Personal

“Dear Dave” generally works better than “Dear Prospect.” Emails with personalized subject lines were 26% more likely to be opened, said Campaign Monitor, and personalized emails delivered 6x higher transaction rates, according to Experian. Your lists can also be more personalized by being segmented, with specific campaigns based on your prospect’s demographics or product interest.

4. Be Professional

Your emails should look (and be) professionally designed (templates are available) and written (and not by robots.) Short sentences, small paragraphs, bulleted lists, and a few compelling images may help keep your readers engaged.

5. Be Spam Free

Don’t be spammy. The most carefully planned email program won’t be seen, and may hurt your firm’s reputation, if you do not comply with the CAN-SPAM regulations that apply to all commercial email messages. In short, in your subject line, for example, don’t deceive or mislead, don’t use all caps, and don’t use lots of exclamation points. Also, you must give your address; tell recipients how to opt-out of receiving future messages, and honor opt-out requests quickly.