The more engaged your Twitter followers are with your tweets, the higher the likelihood that they will visit your website.

Financial advisors, RIAs, and investment managers who have embraced social media as an additional tool to drive income may be looking for additonal tricks and tips to drive traffic.

Try these 9 simple tips for increasing your media engagements, detail expands, retweets, likes, link clicks, and profile clicks:

1. Use More Links

If your tweet doesn’t include a link to your website homepage, blog page, landing page, newsletter subscription page, or other thing…why bother? According to Buffer, of all the ways your prospects can engage with you on Twitter, 92% prefer to click a link rather than click on your profile, retweet, or like.

2. Tell People Precisely What You Want Them To Do

If you want your tweet retweeted, then specifically ask your follower to retweet. It works: according to Salesforce, just asking for a retweet resulted in 12X more retweets.

3. Use the Right Phrases and Words

Social media scientist and guru Dan Zarella took a look at 10,000 tweets and found that the highest-engaging tweets contained the word “You” more than 13% of the time, while “Twitter (11%) and “Please Retweet” (7%) scored high as well.

4. Be Simple

In general, the fewer the characters in a tweet, the higher the engagement. Tweets with 100 characters or less received 17% more media engagements, detail expands, retweets, likes, link clicks, and profile clicks.

5. Do the Weekend

Yes, people do Twitter on the weekend…17% more engagement was garnered during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, according to Adweek.

6. Be Visual

If you’ve got a cute cat, flaunt it. Or better yet, post an accompanying and relevant image to your tweet. Says Buffer: tweets with images got twice the engagement as image-less tweets.

7. Use Hashtags

Do you want 33% more retweets than you’re getting now with using the # symbol? If so, start hashtagging for higher visibility. Popular hashtags for financial advisors include #advisors, #finance, #retirement, #financialadvisors; and for investment managers, popular hashtags include #hedgefunds #wealthmanagement.

8. Stop Talking About Yourself

When I was talking to HubSpot, they told me not to talk about myself. So tweet about what’s useful, informative, educational, and actionable for your ideal clients…not about yourself our your firm.

9. Put the Link in the Middle

It’s best to place the URL to which you want people to click in the middle of the tweet, rather than at the end. A study by Postcron revealed that retweets jumped 26% with this simple tactic.

Thanks to SocialQuantQuantum Verizon, and EngageBit for the accompanying infographic.

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