For the Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy being green, and for aspiring hedge fund managers, it may not be easy bringing a new hedge fund to market.

Eze Castle Integration has created a white paper, “Launching a Hedge Fund: 10 Keys to Success” with a practical, step-by-step approach for current mutual fund portfolio managers, investment traders, and high tech entrepreneurs, among others, who want to manage money full time.

Eze Castle Integration is a Boston-based provider of IT solutions and private cloud services to more than 650 alternative investment firms worldwide.

“The ability to sustain a new launch beyond the first year is a challenging feat,” the report said. “And the barriers to entry in the hedge fund space are higher than ever.”

The 10 steps to knock down those barriers include, according to Eze Castle:

1. Do your legal homework.

2. Create a marketing plan.

3. Select the right service providers.

4.  Develop an IT budget for your first 2-3 years.

5. Understand hedge fund regulations and how they affect your firm.

6. Remember that when it comes to technology, you have options.

7. Implement safeguards to protect your firm and investor assets.

8. Take the time to build a real business.

9. Transparency is of critical importance.

10. Remember that raising capital is a non-stop process.