Got a blog?

Whether you call your firm’s blog a resource center, library, or commentary section, it’s the first place many prospects see when they find you on the web. More popular, perhaps, then your home page. So popular that your blog page may even the most valuable page in the lineup.

If you don’t have a blog yet, consider this: business-to-business companies that blog at least once per week, according to HubSpot, got 67% more leads than those that did not.

Also consider these four quick adjustments to your site that can produce more traffic, which may lead to leads, which could covert to clients:

1. Add a Blog Subscription Form

Don’t have a way for prospects to sign-up for more content? Just add one. Most common locations for a sign-up box are either as a sidebar or at the bottom of your blog post, either before or after the call to action. However, a few firms are fixing their forms in the middle of a post. The theory: not everyone will read to the end of an article.

2. Promote Your Blogs on Twitter and LinkedIn (and Facebook)

Social media is the distribution army for your ideas. If you’ve written a terrific column or white paper, or created an infographic that’s great enough to be on your website, send it out to your followers. And with Twitter’s open platform, it’s not just your followers who may see your ideas, and potentially share them.

3. Write Better Content

While more content may be helpful, better content is better. According to Neil Patel, co-founder of Kissmetrics, QuickSprout, and CrazyEgg, “Consumers aren’t looking for more content – they’re looking for better content. With so much content out there, you need to find ways to stand out. A whopping 72% of marketers are producing more content than they did the previous year. It’s good news, but only if your content is more helpful and of higher quality.”

4. Add a Blog Subscription Box on Landing Page Forms

The landing page is the form page where prospects land after they’ve clicked on your fabulous free offer. If you have landing pages (and we hope you do!) to help you capture leads, you probably have a select few form fields you ask people to fill out. Examples: First name, last name, business email address, and perhaps a phone number. In other words, the essentials.

To boost blog traffic, consider adding a pre-filed checkbox that says something like “Sign Me Up for Weekly Lead Generation Ideas.”

Are you ready to have more traffic?