What are the grand business-building themes advisors probably know but have forgotten in the day-to-day of running a financial advisory business?

Don Connelly, co-founder of Don Connelly + Associates, is an experienced mentor, educator, and business builder for financial advisors, wholesalers, distributors, and managers.

In the infographic below, Mr. Connelly offered up a dozen insights for advisors:

1. Strive for Excellence. If you want to be an excellent advisor, do you do the little things great, too?

2. Ask for Commitment. Do you ask prospects for the sale? “There are only two ways you can gather assets,” Mr. Connelly said. “Either wait until someone offers, or you ask.”

3. Be Accountable. When you make a recommendation that doesn’t work out, are available to discuss, or out to lunch?


4. Decide. Commit. Succeed. Luck helps, but have you made the commitment to building a successful practice and defined your goals and methodology?

5. Demonstrate Leadership. Do you take a leadership role in explaining and helping clients in uncertain markets (which is to say, all the time)?

6. Do Storytelling. Do you have a small stack of relevant stories that you can pick for the right occasion? Learn two or three stories well, Mr. Connelly advises, and repeat to all where it might make a difference.

7. Focus on the Right Things. Do you spend your primary time on helping client’s stick to their investment plan, or do you let them get off track when the market moves?

8. Be a Great Listener. Have you stopped talking yet?

9.  Create a Repeatable Process. Have you developed a systematic, disciplined method for prospecting, getting referrals, client meetings, and the like?

10. Choose Your Clients. Who do you want to do business with? Everyone, or those who meet a set criteria?

11. Market Yourself Right. Do you have a market niche, and a specific method to how you market to them, or is it scattershot?

12. Get Proactive. Are you proactive or reactive? Whatever your market niche, don’t wait for business to come bounding into you.

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