What works best in digital now?

The UK firm Smart Insights has, well, some intelligent insights into that very question.

Smart Sights, in conjunction with TFM&A, interview 1,096 global firms and produced this 27-page report, which you can register with Smart Sights and download. Three takeaways:

1. Review Digital Marketing Capabilities and Implement Transformation

First, the report said, have a digital plan. Only 35% of firms surveyed by SmartInsights reported that they even had a digital marketing plan. 47% said they did digital marketing but really didn’t have a plan.

2. Develop An Integrated Digital Strategy

Second, integrate your plan with your non-digital program. It won’t happen overnight, of course. Prioritize goals over a 90-day period and implement the most critical first. By doing so, you may be way ahead of the competition – only 9% said they’ve had a plan in place for at least two years.

3. Invest in the Most Cost Effective Content Channels

Third, optimize your plan by using customer personas of your target market; do A/B testing to see which of two options work best; and map your prospective client’s journey, among other factors.

According to the study, the top-rated digital channels for overall cost effectiveness were:

  • 50% said email marketing

  • 45% said search engine optimization (SEO)

  • 39% said organic (not paid) social media

  • 32% said online public relations

  • 31% said paid search marketing, such as Google’s AdWords

  • 29% said social media paid ads

  • 19% said display advertising

Content Marketing Results

Smart Sights also teamed up with HubSpot to report on which content marketing methods were perceived by firms using them to be most effective. The top three strategies, the survey said, were blog posts or articles at 75%, online newsletter or magazines at 65.7%, and infographics at 60%. For the full listing, see below.

We think these insights apply to asset managers and investment advisors, too. For a complimentary eBook on the potential benefits of digital marketing, click below.