Why do prospects drop by your site and leave without saying hello?

Kissmetrics, a web analytics marketing solutions firm, has created an infographic (see below) that details eight reasons why. A summary:

1. Bad Navigation

Some sites you just can’t figure out. Is this true of yours? Do your prospective investors know how to get from the discussion of your value proposition to a blog post on your uniqueness, or to a video of your Chief Investment Officer explaining, for example, your disciplined risk mitigation strategy?

2. Bad Ads

Your ads themselves may not be bad, but too many slide-ins, exit pop-ups, and chat-with-us gizmos might be a wee bit distracting to first-time visitors. The result: they head for the exit.

3. Bad Architecture

According to Kissmetrics, bad-flowing sites may lose 50% of sales because people can’t find what they are looking for.

4. Bad Audio and/or Video

If your site has audio or video that starts playing automatically – without your prospect choosing to click on it – you are displaying bad manners. The result: people leave your site.

5. Bad Barriers

Do you require visitors to fill out a registration form to view gated content? (This may typically be a registration for investment professional tabs, or to view hedge fund information.) If so, you are not alone. While you may be fulfilling a compliance requirement, the business question is…is this necessary?

6. Bad Design and Boring Content

Dated designs are relatively easy to spot, and you may agree that your site could use a refresh. If so, add new and compelling imagery, and consistently publish fresh content in the form of blog posts, articles, white papers, and infographics.

7. Bad Typography

Yucky typefaces that lack legibility, clarity, and contrast, and colors that are not easy on the eyes will prompt prospects to move on to the next website, likely your competitor.

8. Bad Frequency

How often do you update your site? If rarely, why have it?

Have a look at the complimentary white paper below on how to not only make your website sticky, but create leads.