What if I told you that you never had to make a cold call again?

Or that you’d never have to play golf because you hate it?

Or that you’d no longer have to plan and speak at an expensive prospect seminar lunch?

The above “traditional” marketing efforts have produced so little for so many RIAs and advisory firms, and made many a shy advisor squirm.

The Inbound Generation

Enter the new digital world of “inbound marketing” – the greatest gift to relatively the introverted advisor since the invention of something where you don’t have to talk to people, much. Like email or texting.

The basic principle of inbound marketing: you create educational, informative, relevant, useful content for your target clients, and they find you on the web. Because you distribute it on your website, and your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook business accounts.

What is “content”? Content may include blogs, eBooks, white papers, fact sheets, infographics, podcasts, videos, emails, and webinars.

Your content should not be simply about finance; it should help people solve their pressing problems. “The point is just not to be pushing financial information; the point is to be a resource for your target clients with whom they can build trust and a relationship as you impart wisdom and sharing interesting content in any number of areas relevant to their world,” said Michael Kitces, Director of Wealth Management and Partner with Pinnacle Advisory Group.

“A good tip is that if you can’t think of what kind of non-financial content would be relevant for your target market,” said Mr. Kitces, “You probably haven’t defined it well enough yet.”

The Inbound Introvert

Inbound marketing can help make a quieter and more introverted personality make it in financial planning and management.

Can shy people create and build a long-term successful advisory practice without extraverts to sell for them? The answer is yes, said Rochelle Mouton, a professional services business coach.

“With the right conditions, even a classic introvert can create a rocking business for themselves. Consulting and advisory are actually about listening and deep knowledge, not just presenting,” she said.

“The introvert who knows how to manage their energy—and use the tools at their disposal to make it work—can have brilliant and quite lucrative consulting careers, said Ms. Mouton.

Introverts can be situational extroverts. “Some of the best speakers I know live as introverts in daily life—but they take the stage to share their passions. And because their subject matter is so dear to them, they pass on their enthusiasm in a powerful way,” said Ms. Mouton.

The Lesson of Powdermilk Biscuits

Financial advisors who happen to be introverts can think of inbound marketing as providing the advantage that Garrison Keillor’s mythic Powdermilk Biscuits has provided generations of Norwegian bachelor farmers from Lake Wobegon:

“Powdermilk biscuits: Heavens, they’re tasty and expeditious! They’re made from whole wheat, to give shy persons the strength to get up and do what needs to be done.”

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generation machine – and your not so quite spokesperson.