How can financial advisors and RIAs get more referrals from millionaire clients?

Fidelity Investments The 2016 Fidelity® Millionaire Outlook Study sought to, if not create a formula, to at least understand the relationship between advisors and their most moneyed clients.

Some highlights:

  • 55% of millionaires were “Promoters”—they were loyal to their financial advisors and were likely to recommend them.

  • 71% of Promoters had all their assets with their primary financial advisor.

  • 69% of loyal millionaires provided a referral in the last year.

  • 65% of the Promoter class called their advisors friends.

  • 62% of Promoters would switch firms with their financial advisor; only 17% of Detractors (clients not totally satisfied with their advisors) said they would switch.

  • 45% of millionaires would not recommend their financial advisors to friends.

  • 20% of millionaire clients were “Detractors” ‐ so dissatisfied that they would leave their advisor or encourage others to not work with them.

Not surprisingly, the more advisors talked with, met, and/or emailed their millionaire clients, the more loyalty those clients had for their advisors.

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