Can a quiz be a part of an asset manager’s and asset gatherer’s marketing strategy? Answer: yes.

Registered Investment Advisors, financial plannners and fund marketing mavens may not taking advantage of quizzes in their content marketing toolkit. Quizzes, when done right, may be engaging, shareable, entertaining, and can be extremely informative, whether you identify as Larry, Curly, Moe, Shep, or none of the above.

Quizzes – unlike a blog post or article – may command attention and engagement. They could be used to attract new people or even to have people “qualify” themselves for sales.

How do you create a quiz? You can design it as an eBook that can be downloaded and filled in offline, or you can create it with one of several online tools, such as SurveyMonkeyQualtrics, and Interact.

Whether online or off, the win-win is that your prospects get to test and potentially improve their marketing knowledge, and you get a new prospect and the contact information they provide in order to take the test.

The graphic below, from Eloqua, is the cover page of a short quiz about how marketers may should be “Managing the Evolving B2B Buyer’s Journey.”